Burma – Bagan from above

The more than 4000 Buddhist temples of Bagan are most spectacluar during sunrise and sunset..
bagan sunrise-1bagan sunrise-2
bagan sunrise-3

The most popular spot to view sunrise and sunset is from the Shwesandaw Paya, a pyramid style pagoda with steps leading to several terraces. From there you have a good 360 degree view. The first three pictures above are showing the Dhammayangi Pahto, a massive walled temple from the 12th century. The pictures were take on two consecutive mornings, one morning clear, the other cloudy.
bagan sunrise-4bagan sunrise-6bagan sunrise-5
The pictures above are taken into the plain and show the vast area in which the temples are scattered. One can drive for days and examine all sizes of pagodas, some in decay others restored.
bagan sunrise-7
Once the sun is up a bid the hot air balloons are starting to fly up in the air. A ride costs 250 USD per person and takes you across the fields of Bagan. Nice to photograph them as it adds to the fantastic view early in the early morning, when the mist is still visible between the temples. bagan sunrise-9bagan sunrise-8bagan sunrise-10
The sun is up and reveals the daylight view around. Here is a picture of Dhammangyi Phato in the morning and then in the afternoon sun. I came also for sunset to this place. Actually the terraces are more popular to watch the sunset and it gets really crowded. I believe though that the sunrise has a much nicer atmosphere. But it´s way to early for most people as you will have to leave your hotel by 5.00 a.m. to be in timebagan sunrise-11bagan sunrise-12.
Some other views from up here…
bagan sunrise-13bagan sunrise-14bagan sunrise-15bagan sunrise-16bagan sunrise-17
12 hours later sunset….
bagan sunrise-18bagan sunrise-19bagan sunrise-20

Here is Shwesandaw Paya with people waiting for the sunset. And the last picture shows folks leaving after sunrise. It was worthwhile…
bagan sunrise-1-3bagan sunrise-1-2

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