Burma – Aungban Market

Aungban lies at the intersection of mayor roads and a busy morning market every five days.
The so called five day markets of Inle Lake means that certain locations in the Shan-State in Northern Burma hold markets every five days, to which people from the surrounding villages come in the early morning. I will feature three different markets I visited. Each had a different character. I start with the market at Aungban, which is for sure the least touristic one as there are no other attractions around this dusty village.
At 7.00 a.m. ringing bells signal that the monks from the close monasteries are on their way to collect their alms.

The main group of the locals arriving at the market belong to the Pa-O-People, who are the second biggest ethnic group in the Shan-State.
Due to their colourful outfit they were the main attraction to the photographic eye, even though they were various locals present who did not have distinctive clothing.
The first part of the market was the flower market.
Normal life continues in the cafe…
And flowers are not the only commodities to sell.aungban-13aungban-14aungban-15aungban-16aungban-17aungban-19aungban-18
Then I came across a corner where the Pa-O-People gathered. Very colourful !
The head scarf covers the greying hair. And sometimes a towel is good enough to cover the hair.


See the different markets of Indein and Samkar in following blogs.

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