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Honoring the Meji Emperor

Emperor Meji was born on November 3rd 1852. To commerate his birthday the Meji-Shrine in Tokyo celebrates


Yamaga Toro Matsuri

  The 千人灯籠踊り(thousand lantern dance) is the culmination of the two day Yamaga Toro Festival…


Yamaga Taiko

  On August 15th and 16th a small town north of Kumamoto, Kyushu, celebrates their yearly summer matsuri.

bayon tor 1

100 faces of Bayon

  Besides Angkor Wat Bayon is for me the most impressive Khmer temple in the temple-complex of Angkor.

boy with flowers

Lotus Flowers and Joss Sticks

Cambodians are celebrating the arrival of the new moon at a buddhist temple in Phnom Penh. While I was walking around the …

ta prom lara 1

Meeting Lara Croft

Ta Prohm is a popular temple within the vast Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia. It is located a few kilometers east …


Sabaidee- Saying Hello

Sabaidee was for me the most heard word in the last days, as it is the greeting phrase used by everybody all …