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Japanese Carnival ?

Men dressed in women clothes running around the neighbourhood in February. This looked like Carnival to me. But I was wrong…

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The Art of Mochi Making

A few shrines in Tokyo still celebrate the traditional production of mochi – rice cake- with a small festival around New Year.

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Genpuku Shiki

Genpuku-shiki is a ceremony held on Seijin no Hi, the day when Japanese reach the age of 20.

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Pockets of Light

On January 13th Japan celebrated the Coming of Age where the 20 year old dress up in kimonos.

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Kanchu Misogi

Misogi is a practice of ritual purification often celebrated at the beginning of the New Year. One of the various methods is …

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Sumo Dream

Second visit to the Otakebeya-Stable. This time to observe a young sumo hopeful..

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Duck Netting

Duck Netting is cultivated in the Imperial Preserves in Saitama Prefecture, preserving a tradition since the Meji-Period. ,


Bungomori Roundhouse

The old Bungomori-Roundhouse in Kita-Kyushu is a relict from the days of steam trains.

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Yabusame is the most well-known and formal form of Japanese horseback-archery.