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Lisbon select

A selection of my Lisbon impressions. View the gallery under travel for more pictures of Lisbon and Sintra.


Azulejos in Lisbon

Azulejos are painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tiles. They have become a typical aspect of Portuguese culture.

lisbon in love-21

Lisbon – In love

I do not know what happens in Lisbon. You just turn around the corner and there they are. The signs of affection…

tram 28-1

Trams of Lisbon

The trams of Lisbon are a main tourist attraction because of the routes they take up and down in this hilly city.

taxi kimono-1

Taxi Drivers in Tokyo

Despite the perfect public transportation taxis seem to be ubiquitous in Tokyo. Fares are high and pay is low.

tokyo street-1

Tokyo Street Portraits II

It is hard to tell when street portraits turn into street photography. It depends on the criteria you apply..

subway signs 2-6

Japanese マナー

マナー (from english “manner”) stands for the rules of behavior on japanese public transportation.