Sumo – in a comedian way

During the yearly one day Sumo-Tournament at Yasukuni-Shrine in Tokyo there was a suprising performance.
It started out quite normal with the two sumo wrestlers entering the ring. One was taking a unusual big amount of rice for throwing it up in air, showering down on them.
sumo comedy-21sumo comedy-22sumo comedy-23

It started out quite normal with the two wrestlers engaging as usual.
sumo comedy-5sumo comedy-33
But the bout was not over. The two decided to have a chat, shake hands and talking loudly about each other, adressing an amused audience.
sumo comedy-3sumo comedy-2sumo comedy-8
The show continued with some stretching.
sumo comedy-24sumo comedy-25
During normal Sumo you do not attack from the back….
sumo comedy-1sumo comedy-6sumo comedy-7sumo comedy-4
You do not throw yourself together with your opponent to the ground….
sumo comedy-14sumo comedy-15
You do not fight with the referee….
sumo comedy-16sumo comedy-26sumo comedy-27
You do not leap-frog…
sumo comedy-9
This looks at first like a normal position, but it´s just the preparation for one big body lifting…
sumo comedy-18sumo comedy-17
You do not hit each other, you do not twist arms, get on each others throat or pull hairs….
sumo comedy-32sumo comedy-31sumo comedy-30sumo comedy-19sumo comedy-20
And you do not use water as a weapon….
sumo comedy-29
Let´s do some acrobatics together….
sumo comedy-11sumo comedy-12sumo comedy-13sumo comedy-10
This was a nice entertainment before the bouts with the heavyweights started. Impressions on that in another post.
Thanks for looking.

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