Tokyo – Omoide-Yokocho

Omoide-Yokocho is a small restaurant alley close to Shinjuku train station…

You would not imagine to find this “corner of memories” at the busy west side of Shinjuku station between mayor department stores and small shops, mainly selling textiles. The postwar development of Shinjuku destroyed most of the traditional quarters. The street-side places were you can just drop by for a moment for a drink and some yakitori have been replaced by fast food chains and indoor restaurants. Only Omoide- Yokocho remained on the west side of Shinjuku station.omoide yokocho-18omoide yokocho-9omoide yokocho-13

Omoide-Yokocho is less than 100 meters long and it´s just one small alley.I took the pictures now, in early February, but also some at my first stroll last summer. That is why people are wearing shirts and coats. omoide yokocho-2
omoide yokocho-7omoide yokocho-4omoide yokocho-8
The last two pictures showed a rather modern noodle shop which stretches form the alley through to the next parallel street. Dominant though are the very small restaurants or bar with seats for 10 to 20 customers.
omoide yokocho-3omoide yokocho-11omoide yokocho-12omoide yokocho-14omoide yokocho-15omoide yokocho-19
Japanese drop by alone for a quick snack before going home or stay a little longer for some chats with the owner or friends. Most attractive for photos is a small restaurant right in the middle of the lane at a corner. omoide yokocho-20
It is called “Kabuto” and was established in 1948. It is a traditional restaurant serving meat sticks (yakitori).
omoide yokocho-5omoide yokocho-6omoide yokocho-10

Yesterday the place was crammed, the staff busy and the atmosphere fantastic. You should try it out if you are in Tokyo. Omoide-Yokocho has a website with further information (
omoide yokocho-1omoide yokocho-16omoide yokocho-17

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