Burma – Indein Market

Indein is picturesque location upriver from Inle Lake with an increasing number of tourists visiting…
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The Inle Lake has an average depth of just three meters and is in parts covered by vegetation.To reach solid ground you have to take a boat upstream. One of the most popular destinations is Indein.indein market-1indein market-3indein market-5
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The way to the actual market is lined with stands selling souvenirs and on the market itself there are a lot of “shops” selling everyday items. This mother is buying shoes for her girl.indein market-12I came to this market again on the day when locals from the villages come here to sell, so this was a colourful addition.indein market-6indein market-10indein market-9indein market-11
Bamboo and straw are the main materials for constructing the numerous stands of the market. Recycling is certainly not an issue yet…indein market-7
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Walking a few hundred meters out of the market one reaches several pagodas which are all falling apart. Here of course only tourists stroll around. Nature is taking over, a tree extends a pagoda into the sky.indein market-22indein market-23indein market-24indein market-25
I hired a boat at 7.00 a.m to reach Indein before 9.00 a.m. Now, at 10.00 a.m., locals where leaving the market already and tourists where coming in. indein market-14indein market-15indein market-16indein market-19
Only women of course. Guess what men were doing…indein market-26
Before leaving some of the women stopped to have something to eat or to buy something for the road. This was a relaxed atmosphere once the business was done.indein market-13
indein market-17
indein market-20indein market-1-2indein market-18
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I returned by boat after visiting a toilet. A charming setting for this type of business I think.indein market-27indein market-1-3
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