Forgotten Places – Beelitz Heilstätten II

The numerous stairs in the buildings of Beelitz – Heilstätten left the strongest
impression on me..beelitz stairs-1

This is the main entrance to the men living quarters, may be the most impressive hallway in all the buildings.

beelitz stairs-2beelitz stairs-3beelitz stairs-4 beelitz stairs-7beelitz stairs-5beelitz stairs-6

It was fascinating and difficult at the same time to capture the stairs from different perspectives and the light shining on them. Here a first set of two.

beelitz stairs-8beelitz stairs-9

And then a set of different stairs by looking straight up.

beelitz stairs-10beelitz stairs-11beelitz stairs-19

I took colour and b/w pictures with different cameras (Leica M9 and Leica Monochrom) In most cases I liked the b/w version more. Compare for yourself.

beelitz stairs-14beelitz stairs-15

By post processing the images in Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro 2 one can add contrast, toning etc. to underline the characteristics of the shots. I usually do not use these tools extensively. The following two pictures show what you can do.

beelitz stairs-12beelitz stairs-13

Now a set of stairs by first looking up and then looking down.

beelitz stairs-17beelitz stairs-18beelitz stairs-16

And to finish off one more random shot and the featured image which I like best.

beelitz stairs-21beelitz stairs-20

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