Biker heaven


On a recent visit to Vietnam I found the ubiquitous presence of scooters and small motorbikes in cities and on streets to be a distinctive feature of daily life. It is estimated that around 25 % of the vietnamese population and by this each family owns one of these vehicles. Streets in Hanoi and HCM are filled with them as much as the roads across the country. On the National Route 1 from HCM to the coast the right lane of two is reserved for motorbikes. They serve not only as carrier for heavy loads but also to pick up kids from school. Usage and the obligation to wear a helmet has penetrated into life beyond the means of transportation. People rest, sleep and eat on them or use them as a fashion statement. The helmet is not necessarily taken off while the bike is parked and certainly does not live up to safety standards we are used to….
the following pictures are just a selection. Under vietnam galleries you find more examples.


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