Faces of Cartagena

Cartagena is hard to walk away from – it seizes you in its aged clutches and refuses to let go.

panama shashinski-24

Origins of the Panama Hat

Cuenca in southern Ecuador has a rich cultural heritage. It is here where the “Panama Hat’ originates from….


Today, 210 years ago at Coro

On August 1st 1806 a liberating expedition led by Franciso de Miranda landed at the port of La Vela de Coro. Francisco …

island in the sky-15

Island In The Sky

Island in the sky is a plateau which is 300 m elevated above the surroundings in Canyonlands National Park…


Sunset at Delicate Arch

Arches National Park in Utah has the world´s largest concentration of natural sandstone arches..

monument valley varo-16

Full Moon at Monument Valley

Monument Valley at the northern border of Arizona to Utah is best known for the featured image. But the Navajo Tribal Park …


Entering the World of Orchids

In late February we visited an exhibition of the Venezuelan Fundation for the Cultivation of Orchids (FUNCOR).  The best creations of the …


Early morning in Petare

If you search the web for Petare, Caracas, Venezuela, you will be confronted with a lot of negative labels: ” biggest slum …